Brake shoes

Brake shoes
2020, February 06



The drum brake, which is used as brake system, in most cases is located on the rear wheels.  Pressure from the brake pedal is transferred to the wheels via brake shoes and as a result we have a stop system.

Eventually, the friction surface of the brake shoes is gradually worn away, so you might have these kinds of problems:  

  • Your tires are making a scraping noise
  • The back of your car is shaking
  • There’s smoke coming from the rear wheels


This could also happen if you use non-genuine shoes.



Genuine parts bring genuine value

What is the difference between genuine and counterfeit parts? Genuine parts:

  • Provide superior braking performance because they are specifically designed for each Toyota
  • Ensure the highest level of safety
  • Are eco-friendly – they don’t harm your health or nature 

Brake fluid



The brake fluid is just as important as the brake shoes. It transfers the pressure applied to the brake pedal to the brake shoes. Brake fluid also deteriorates over time and this can affect braking performance. When the brake shoes are replaced, we recommend replacing the brake fluid as well.


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