Corolla - Quiz Answers

Corolla - Quiz Answers
2021, August 25

Quiz Answers

1. What is the origin of the name "Corolla"?

The correct answer is: A. A crown of flowers.

The word “corolla” refers to the ring of petals around the central part of a flower (which is considered to be the most beautiful part of a flower). The name was intended to evoke the image of a beautifully styled, eye-catching, high-quality compact car.

2. What generation is the current generation of the Corolla?

The correct answer is: A. 12th generation.

Toyota recently sold the 50 millionth copy of the Corolla since the model debuted in 1966, 55 years and twelve generations ago. That's a vehicle sold every 28 seconds!

3. What color were the indicators on the rear tail lamps of the first-generation Corolla?

The correct answer is: C. Orange 

When the first-generation Corolla debuted, orange indicators were rare, and red was the most common color. Incidentally, it was not until around the mid-1970s that orange indicators became commonly used in the majority of Japanese domestic vehicles. European vehicles were already moving toward orange indicators, and so the first-generation Corolla had boldly led the way in Japan with the incorporation of such detailed trends.

4.What rally did the Corolla win for the first time in 1973?

The correct answer is: B. Press-on-Regardless Rally

A TE25 Corolla with a 2T-B engine (based on the 1600SR of the second-generation Corolla) chalked up the first rally victory for the Corolla by winning the Press-on-Regardless Rally held in the United States in November 1973. Toyota’s first World Rally Championship victory was achieved in an unexpected way.

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