COVID-19 - Keeping your car clean

COVID-19 - Keeping your car clean
2020, April 10

Nowadays when most of the planet is in confinement or has restriction of movement, most people still use their cars as a means of transport. However, are we really safe in our vehicle? What steps should we take to protect ourselves?

The virus does not move ... but it does move with us.  As a result, the car, made of a lot of metal, plastic and fabric, is ideal for the spread of the virus, as it is a surface where the virus can remain easily and for a relatively long time. The virus can persist on surfaces between three hours and three days!

Did you know: The steering wheel is nine times dirtier than a toilet bowl!

Even though we are not aware, a vehicle can be a real virus nest!This is why it is important to wash carefully the most affected parts of our car.

To make sure your vehicle is properly washed, we recommend hand washing which is the most efficient.

Here are some tips to keep your vehicle safe:

  • Before you start make sure you protect your hands
  • Ventilate the cabin regularly
  • Thoroughly polish all widely used surfaces that may come into contact with your hands: the exterior and interior handles, the steering wheel, top of the door trim, the gear lever, the handbrake, the dashboard, etc.
  • Vacuum everywhere - carpets, seats and interior
  • Pay attention to cleaning products! Some products can damage delicate surfaces such as leather, plastic or vinyl. Toyota advises you to avoid ammonia-based products and to use ones with 70% of alcohol.

Once the cleaning is finished do not forget to wash your hands! Wash them properly before and after driving as well.

Toyota invites you to adopt a good habit and to regularly apply all the mentioned measures, even after the coronavirus pandemic!


Stay healthy and safe!


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